Funko Rock Candy Man-Thing

9E89C65C-A8E8-4C8A-90A4-A33FBD22198EAs I noted on my review of the Lady Thor figure in this series, ‘No, I don’t collect that many of these figures, despite it seeming that I might, given the number of reviews I’ve written concerning them. Right now I’ve less than a handful of them, largely because I don’t find most of them all that interesting and some that I do find interesting are way overpriced, such as the female stars for the Game of Thrones. Seriously, sixty to a hundred dollars for a five point five inch tall figure is simply crazy!’ But occasionally a figure is both interesting and reasonably priced as we have here in Man-Thing.

The Man-Thing is a Marvel Universe character who is their counterpart of DC’s Swamp Thing though not as human. It was created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway and Gray Morrow and first appeared in the first issue of Savage Tales (May 1971), just a few months before DC launched their counterpart to Man-Thing, the aforementioned Swamp-Thing which was in House of Secrets in July of that year.

This Man-Thing is not to scale being barely half the size that it should be if was accurate to its depiction in the comics. Some of the oversized Funko Rock Candy figures such as the Iron Man Hulkbuster are done to proper scale but that’s a rare thing indeed. So he’s a petite Man-Thing indeed but still quite accurate to the look of  it as depicted in the comics. Even the proportions are right with the tendrils coming being exactly as they’re illustrated by the various artists and the red eyes capturing its less than good personality perfectly. Even the clawed hands are quite well done. All for I think fifteen bucks if I remember correctly.

There’s been several other Man-Things done, one so lanky that it was qquite laughable. The Marvel Legends series did a nicely accurate one but that’ll cost you dearly on eBay these days. For me, I’ll just stick with one  was done for San Diego Comic-Con.

(Funko, 2019)

Cat Eldridge

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