Funko Rock Candy Lady Thor figure

7B5CE858-D006-476B-B742-7533E13A051FNo, I don’t collect that many of these figures, despite it seeming that I might, given the number of reviews I’ve written concerning them. Right now I’ve less than a handful of them, largely because I don’t find most of them all that interesting and some that I do find interesting are way overpriced, such as the female stars for the Game of Thrones. Seriously, sixty to a hundred dollars for a five point five inch figure is simply crazy!

I spotted this Lady Thor (aka Jane Foster in Marvel Comics) figure in a local comics shop that happens to carry a wide selection of the Funko figures. Now, no one locally carries them all, as there are thousands, and the ones I’m interested in are not the big headed ones that most fans collect. I’ve got the masked Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel and the Thirteenth Doctor, which Denise reviewed here, all Funko products in this scale.

Neither of those is close to the complexity of Lady Thor, though each is spot-on to her character. Lady Thor’s costuming rivals that of much more expensive action figures – she cost just ten dollars — as she looks damn good from her boots and leg wrappings to her winged helmet. Even her face, what we can see of it, is fairly realistic with a nice set of eyes and quite cute lips.

The blue eye design is, by the way, something that carries across most of the female Funko Rock Candy figures, and all of the ones I have share it. No, they’re certainly realistic and they certainly give the female figures a distinct design motif.

Keep in mind that’s she’s only five and a half inches tall. That cape is remarkably good looking considering that it is solid plastic and doesn’t move at all. Her costume is spot on to what Jane Foster wore during her run in Thor. Just look at her helment — perfectly detailed. as is Mjölnir, Thor’s Hammer.

All in all, a most excellent figure.

(Funko, 2016)

Cat Eldridge

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