Funko Rock Candy Hulkbuster

07B2DCAD-780C-46D7-9BFD-934E287FE654As I said in my review of the Lady Thor figure from the same company, ‘No, I don’t collect that many of these figures, despite it seeming that I might, given the number of reviews I’ve written concerning them. Right now I’ve less than a handful of them, largely because I don’t find most of them all that interesting and some that I do find interesting are way overpriced, such as the female stars for the Game of Thrones. Seriously, sixty to a hundred dollars for a five point five inch figure is simply crazy!’ Which is how I came to purchase this Hulkbuster as it was the most affordable of the many such figures released by various companies.

The Hulkbuster is an Ironman on steroids created by Tony Stark specifically to take out Hulk. It allows him in his Iron Man armor to be inside another set of armor that in theory could stop Hulk. The MCU film franchise makes effective use of one such suit in Avengers: Endgame. Very effective use. The Funko Rock Candy Hulkbuster isn’t quite that large but is six and a half inches tall and six inches accross the arms.  Let me note that if you plan on buying this and posing it, forget that as it as exactly no moving moving parts save the  head which can be posed to a certain extent.B061C642-2404-4DF8-8895-C64A3EE98B4C

So what you get is one very solid piece of plastic for if I remember correctly though I paid significantly less than that twenty bucks that looks remarkably like the larger Hulkbusters that I’ve thought of purchasing. It truly looks like metallic armor painted in very bright and red and yellow colors that really are truly SF looking. If you remember the Roughnecks animated series based off Heinlein’s Starship Troopers novel, than you’ll think this armor make sense. It’s a little small in scale to be true to the scale of a true Hulkbuster but perfect as that sort of armor.

It’s get an amazing lot of detail for something of that size. If you purchase it, do yourself a favor and first look at the backside — there’s more design work there than I expected. A lot more. Oh and the blank white eye orbs seem to have some character to them.

(Funko, 2018)

Cat Eldridge

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