SuperBitz Doctor Who plushie

0AFB2B3B-575F-421E-8408-60687ED766C7I really dug the eleventh season of Doctor Who, and I love the new Doctor. And this SuperBitz plushie tribute to her is absolutely adorable. I’ve seen SuperBitz items here and there, but this is the first time I’ve ever been able to get a really good look. And it’s a well made plushie with great attention to detail.

The box itself is a real pain in the arse to deal with; the Doctor plushie is set into a clear plastic backing to keep her from jostling, but that plastic backing can get stuck in the opening flap, causing it to rip. Like mine did. Hey, I wasn’t keeping her NIB (New In Box) anyway, so that’s nothing more than an inconvenience to me. However, collectors may want to take note, and open her from the bottom.

As for the plushie, it’s a sturdy, well-stitched little thing that fits snugly into my hand. Her bum rests in my palm, with my fingers cradling her velvet-fabric hair. Her rainbow t-shirt and yellow suspenders look to be dyed into the fabric, but her trademark “friendship and stars” earring is an iron-on that won’t last much poking and prodding before it flakes off. She’s also got large oval black eyes that are so adorably anime-esque I can’t stand it, with a bit of white paint for “shine”.

If you bend her slightly at her “waist” she’ll sit up without aid,  making this plushie a cute addition to your desk or bookshelf collection. I’m dying to prop her up in front of a TARDIS for the full effect, but I may just let her keep company with my Rock Candy Doctor. This may be my very first SuperBitz, but it won’t be my last.

(SuperBitz, 2018)


Denise Kitashima Dutton

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