Funko Rock Candy Spider-Gwen figure

379F7DA9-0778-447B-A47F-5A6559025A23Once in a while, I get a deep craving for a specific character. The latest I’ve gotten interested in is Spider-Gwen, the spider-being in an alternate universe where Peter Parker didn’t get bitten by that radioactive spider and she did. Spider-Gwen is Gwen Stacy, a high schooler as the narrative starts out and frankly a lot less angst ridden than the classic Petter Parker is. (In the classic time line, she’s murdered by the Green Goblin. Here she kicks his butt.) Of course she had to design her own costume, didn’t she?

I did review the first proper story line of hers, Spider-Gwen: Most Wanted, which sets up her story most excellently. Mind you, in her Universe she kills Peter as he becomes a psychotic mutant lizard monster after injecting himself with a formula he developed after freaking out because, well, let’s just say things didn’t go as he planned for them to go. Things are different there.

So what happens when you’re suddenly bitten by a spider and you (“you” being Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, drummer in the Mary Janes) need to create your own unique look, not yet knowing there’s an entire Multiverse of spider-beings? Now understand, I first saw her when watching the absolutely fantastic Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated film in which the character of Miles Morales is the spider-being at the centre of the film, though she does figure into the story. It has been stated that an all animated female spider-being film is in the works — bliss!

Now getting the hooded Funko Rock Candy Spider-Gwen figure turned out to harder than I anticipated. Oh, I could get the unhooded version anywhere for the original price but this version was a Hot Topic exclusive that quickly disappeared even from their site. It was on eBay for very silly prices of up to a a hundred dollars so I set an alert on Amazon for one and ended up paying thirty dollars, twice its original price.

So take a look at her in her five and a half inch glory (same size as the Thirteenth Doctor and Captain Marvel, both of which I both also purchased. Same designer, I think, as they all share the same eye design. But I digress.). As spider-being outfits go, it’s one of the more subtle ones, with nothing below the arms to say she’s such. The arms are nicely webbed and the inside of her hood has the webbing as well, but what I like most are the eyes which look really alien, insectile in nature. It’s decidedly different than Spider-Man of the classic design.

The blue shoes are a design element that I’m still undecided on. Well I’m more leaning towards them being more than a bit too cute but they’re used effectively in the comics as a visual flare so I won’t begrudge the conceptual artist who designed them. What doesn’t work when it’s static often works when in motion.

Was she worth the money? Oh yes. I’ve got my eyes, and money, next on a Miles Morales Spider-Man figure available only in Hong Kong, which is where I got this Rocket Raccoon and Groot figure.

(Funko Pop, 2016)

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