Funko Rock Candy Captain Marvel figure

A78FC682-5F58-4985-AD23-B04E88C35854Like the Thirteenth Doctor Funko figure Denise reviews  here, this five-and-a-half inch figure represents a character that the more conservative fanboys really hated. The Captain Marvel film was a rousing success, which really upset them, and I wanted to add a figure of her to my small collection of figures cluster around a thirty year-old TARDIS I have.

The Rock Candy Captain Marvel figures, at least the female ones, follows a standard pattern of an oversized head. It’s not really at all distracting, but it’s obvious enough that even the Thirteenth Doctor has that trait, assuming that means they got the BBC to sign off on the design. The other design aspect that they share in common is identical curiously just slightly slanted blue eyes. The Doctor has them as does Lady Thor. I suspect if I bought other such figures, I’d see this as well.

Captain Marvel, as you can see, is wearing a mostly blue and red outfit with some gold detailing. The gold highlights are both painted without any spillover into other colors, and raised as well. For something under six inches tall, it’s an amazing level of detail. She’s not as amazing as Lady Thor, which I’ve also purchased, and you can read that review here, but spot-on to the film. The only thing she was lacking was Goose, her alien feline, so I picked up another Captain Marvel, kept the feline and gave away the figure.

(Funko, 2018)

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