Folkmanis: Four Finger Puppets

A group of Folkmanis finger puppets appeared on my desk recently. These came without the usual tags — they are all quite small — so I did a bit or research on them. Here they are, in no articular otder.

Mini RBBY catThe Folkmanis website informs us: “Purr-fectly portable, the Folkmanis® Mini Tabby Cat Finger Puppet is detail printed and is one pretty kitty.” It is a charming little guy, gray with black stripes, white paws and tummy, standing about four inches high. The expression on its face is somewhat inscrutable — how like a cat!

Mini DogAgain from the website: “A pocket pet for anytime puppy love, the Folkmanis® Mini Dog Finger Puppet is detail printed and is a wonderful and loyal companion.” This one stands — or sits, actually — about four inches high, and is a lovable mutt — although the long floppy ears and brown and white markings make me think there’s beagle somewhere in the mix. No two ways about it, though — this little guy is ready to play.

Mini Horse “Horse lovers will have a galloping good time with the Folkmanis® Mini Horse. This extraordinary painted-pony finger puppet is detail printed with a plush mane and tail.” A brown-and-white pinto with black mane and tail, something about this one says there’s Shetland in its background. — three’ a lot a mane and tail for such a little guy, who comes in at about four inches long and standing just over four inches high. This one reminds me of a fantasy epic I can’t quite pin down — there’s that bit of wildness to him.

Mini Blue Jay“The Folkmanis® Mini Blue Jay wears the perky crest and signature markings of this common songbird in tones of blue with black and white accents.” So says Folkmanis. At about six inches long, this is the largest of the group and, strangely enough, the least realistic. — details of feathers in the wings and tail are outlined in black, which contrasts strongly with the blue of the overall color.

All in all this is a nice group, although there’s not a lot of mobility — about all you can do is wag your finger back and forth, but given their size, I suppose that’s about all that can be expected. They’ll make nice pocket pets, though.


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