Samla Mammas Manna’s Kaka

cover art for KakaNaomi de Bruyn wrote this review.

This is a brilliant quartet out of Sweden. They are full of hi jinx and hilarity in between tracks – and sometimes during. Not only that, but they are very talented musicians and would be great to see live. “Samla Mammas Manna” translates to “Collecting Mommy’s Manner.”

Samla Mammas Manna consists of: Coste Apetrea (guitar, bouzouki, veena, voice), Hans Bruniusson (drums, percussion, marimba, voice), Lars Hollmer (keyboards, accordion, melodica, voice), Lars Krantz (bass, voice). Comments and interpretations on this CD are delivered by John Fiske in a very straightforward manner, adding to the amusement.

The group uses their instruments as well as their voices to provide the hilarity. This takes a great deal of talent to pull off with a live audience, but they seem to have it mastered! There are moments of comedic relief all over this CD, interspersed with some really great Nordic Jazz.

“Oh Sa Masalana Jamfort Med Alman River” is the third track on the CD and has the group wanting the audience to stand up and hold hands and join in the ancient chant which translates roughly to “open up for the salad.” It is rather foreboding, and it’s very brief span holds incredible mental imagery.

“Reptilgarna” is the fifth track and has the members of the ensemble encouraging each other to return to their reptilian roots. The drummer is apparently attempting to kick start the group in a new direction. This results in some seriously discordant music, which all falls together into a wonderfully upbeat piece.

They leave off exploring their reptilian roots and follow evolution even further back to something more vegetable on the seventh track, “Vegetariskt Impro, Svar Direkt.” This track will have you giggling and questioning your own sanity within the first minute and a half of its brief life. One group member is even caught losing it and actually laughing.

As I said, they’d be marvellous to see in concert. Thankfully, enough of the humour comes across so that it is enjoyable listening. I’d almost say they are the Swedish musical equivalent of Monty Python. And you’d best be careful, for they are very contagious!

(Amigo Musik AB, 1999)

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