Gájanas’s Diamántadulvvit single

The Finnish progressive folk band Gájanas (“Echo”) is releasing its debut full-length album in February, and released the first single from it in November. Gájanas comes from the Inari-Utsjoki region at the top of Finland, and its music is based on Northern Sámi folk music, with lead vocalist Hildá Länsman singing and joiking. They’ve been building up to this album release for a few years, winning second prize in the Sámi Grand Prix song contest 2016 in Norway, and getting band of the year honors at the world famous Kaustinen folk music festival in 2017. The album will be called Čihkkojuvvon (“hidden”) and the first single is “Diamántadulvvit (Floods of Diamonds).” Here’s a performance of it at the Ijahis idja Festival in Inari, Finland, in August 2020.

There’s more on the Bafe’s Factory Facebook page.

Gary Whitehouse

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