Ritter Sport Golden Edition, Milk Chocolate Squares

3FC67FC4-0BC4-4D36-9E1E-5B87DDA6663CI have another (huge) bar of chocolate from Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG of Germany , a major chocolatier. This one is the Ritter Sport Golden Edition Milk Chocolate Squares, and when I say “huge”, I mean just that: It’s about half a pound (8.8 oz, or 250 g) of fairly thick squares of milk chocolate. Now, I’m admittedly a dark chocolate person, but hey, chocolate is chocolate, right? So I’m willing to set my reservations aside and give this one a try.

The texture is a bit more brittle than I expect from milk chocolate, but that may be because I’ve had to keep in in the refrigerator (we’re having a hotter than usual summer here) and also because the squares are rather thick. And now that it’s had a chance to warm up a bit, I suspect it is the thickness rather than the temperature that is adding that firmness. At any rate, it’s a pleasant sensation once it’s in your mouth — it has an undeniable presence.

It does, as they say, melt in your mouth once you’ve taken a bite. It’s a little less sweet than other milk chocolates, and, quite frankly, a little sweeter than my ideal, but it is, after all, milk chocolate. That said, there’s not a lot of subtlety here: the taste is chocolate and sugar, with a kind of buttery after-taste and not much else.

And that about says it: it’s pleasant, there’s a lot of it, and for major chocoholics it’s a good thing to know about.


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