Kit Kat Key Lime Pie Candy Bar – Limited Edition

0FD4DF1C-9A04-4F8C-9E99-B49C0B2A2EC5Key lime pie. Kit Kats. Two great tastes, right? With this limited edition flavor, you bet’cha. And I’m as surprised as you are.

This treat is labeled as wafers and a “key lime creme,” but there is a bit of chocolate listed in the ingredients. Milk and honey are listed there too, so keep that in mind if you’re limiting certain items. However, this is a treat, plain and simple, so why not indulge if you’ve a mind to? Especially when you get that whiff of key lime as soon as the package cracks open. The bar is a lovely shade of light pastel lime, and the four individual bars (in the regular pack) are softer than the regular chocolate used in their old faithful, but have a nice snap if, like me, you keep ‘em in the fridge before serving. (Even better; put a bar in the freezer for a real crunch.) 

The sugary-lime scent could be overpowering if you put pieces right up to your nose, but I found them to be strangely comforting after that first initial blowback of sweetness. Like a candle scent I never knew I’d been longing for. That same lime goodness is thinly layered in between each of the three wafers, though it’s the thick, rich outer coating that’ll really bring the pie taste to the yard. The “creme” coating is soft and smooth, and I’d like to say decadent but it’s not that rich; though I wasn’t able to down the entire bar in one go. This particular combo of sweetness, umami-esque lime flavor, and silky texture is a bit too much all in one sitting. But that’s okay. That means I have some for tomorrow. Or later tonight. 


Denise Kitashima Dutton

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