Kit Kat Duos Mocha and Chocolate Candy Bar

kitkat duos mochaChocolate and coffee are two flavors that seem made for each other. Both are bitter unless sweetened, some sort of milk makes them smoother and easier on the tum, and both are considered a treat after dinner. So naturally, when Kit Kat (fine, as much as I love KitKat as one word, I’ll follow their example – SIGH) decided to come out with a bunch of combo-flavors? Mocha and chocolate was at the top of the list. And yeah, I understand that mocha and chocolate is basically coffee, chocolate, and chocolate. But I’m okay with that.

The standard bar, with its four sticks you can break apart (I don’t trust myself with King Sizes), is pretty to look at. The two-toned sticks are chocolate at the bottom, with a cafe-au-lait looking creme top. There seem to be tiny bits of coffee bean in the creme, for an added punch of flavor. As for the bite? Unless you’ve had these in the freezer for a bit, they’re a soft bite, with a slight snap when the wafers meet your teeth. The flavor profile reminds me of those coffee and chocolate straw-like dessert cookies, but with a higher ratio of chocolate/creme to cookie. That’s a good thing in my sight. The coffee flavor isn’t super noticeable, unless you’re looking for it. But it does temper the sweetness of the typical Kit Kat bar, and it’s up to you if you find that enticing. I most certainly do. It feels a bit like Grownup Kit Kat Life, eating a few sticks of this particular offering; monacle not necessary but highly encouraged. I live for seeing that kind of suiting up.

I noshed on these while downing a Blue Moon Iced Coffee Blonde, and it paired nicely with that brew. Though you could have these with real coffee, or better yet a real mocha, I won’t judge you if you simply rip open a packet and commence to munching. These could become highly addictive around here; I’ve already kept my eye out for more of these beauties in my local stores. Luckily, I’ve seen them everywhere. While the kiddies Trick-or-Treat for the OG bars, I’ll be inside, chowing down on these. Because I’m classy like that.


Denise Kitashima Dutton

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