KillKat Evil Wafers vinyl figure

4479BBA7-A42A-4958-8DF2-29CDBE404732OK, I’ll admit that obviously speaking that this item didn’t belong under our food and drink section as it’s quite inedible. Really, really inedible. But we like Kit Kat bars around here and actually reviewed some of the Kit Kat flavours though admittedly some should have never happened such as the Kumamon Ikinari Dango KitKat. Really should never have happened.

Dead Zebra, the company that makes this delectable collectible, says of it that ‘Are sugary treats killing us? Kill Kat is certainly trying! These evil wafers are determined to cause some damage. Andrew Bell’s original sculpture is back in vinyl figure form! This sweet and psycho conjoined candy stands 6” tall and comes in a candy wrapper style package.’ The packing is a definite homage to the Kit Kat bar and is accurate to design of the ubiquitous candy bar though it is oversized with the  characters being six inches tall.

AE2CC99F-56CB-4FFE-97EA-FF8B3AD3782FThere are qutterly a number of variants available, chase variants as they’re called in the trade. Two are called Evil Wafers in Demonic Possession which 1 in 10 variant that ‘harbor a dark secret… a “dark” chase edition with glow in the dark eyes!’ and another is Poison Pumpkin Spice which is described as ‘It’s Pumpkin Spice season.. which also happens to be Poison season, who knew? Rally your seasonal fall craving for artificial flavors, but be aware of the consequences! Warning: May cause basic tendencies.’

It’s reasonably priced at forty dollars on the site though the only guaranteed way to get the variants is on eBay where they’ll will cost you really, really dearly. Me, I’m not that keen to get them though they are cool.

Cat Eldridge

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