Kicking it up a notch with mezcal: la bruja te prende fuego

LimesI’m a two-margarita girl. When I lunch with my pals, I can pour them down between layers of food and I’m fine. Never met a margarita that intimidated me. This was before I met mezcal.

This recipe is adapted from something I had in a Mexican restaurant that kicked me straight in the frontal lobes. The pal I was lunching with was concerned. She forced me to eat Homer’s Pecan-PralineTM ice cream before I assayed the drive home. Probably for the best. Later I learned that the drink contained mezcal, which makes tequila look like mother’s fermented milk.

After some epic dreams and a stage wait sufficient to erase the memory of morning-after wooziness, I set about trying to duplicate the recipe and failed. I came up with this instead. That nice-looking bald guy in the liquor department at Valli sold me top-drawer mezcal, he said, plus the correct orange liqueur. I had some other stuff lying around: plenty of limes and lime juice, and a dandy smoked red jalapeño sauce (i.e. chipotle sauce) from BufaloTM. And La Bruja’s your uncle. (Er, aunt.)

CitrongeLa Bruja has that spicy, kerosene-like edge you get with tequila, plus orange and lemon comfort flavors, that reassuring white-sugar-crunch on the rim, and a deep red sweet smoky heat that comes from the chipotle sauce.

Be careful with the mezcal. It’s next-level shit.

I’m calling it:

La Bruja (for short)

Put into an 8-oz measuring cup:

bufalo-chipotle-very-hot-mexican-hot-sauce-5-8-oz_16045672 teaspoons BufaloTM brand chipotle sauce

With your finger, smear just the top rim of a thick hand-blown 12-oz glass tumbler pretty thickly with the chipotle sauce.

Dip the sauced rim in plain white granulated sugar. Let it build up a nice thick coating. Put a tablespoon of sugar dry in the bottom of the glass. Put the glass aside to set up a little.

Add to the remainder of the chipotle sauce in the measuring cup:

2 oz CasamigasTM mezcal
2 oz CitrongeTM orange liqueur
2 oz or more fresh or bottled lime juice

casamigos-mezcal-1Stir until the chipotle sauce has distributed evenly throughout the liquors.

Add 8 to 10 oz crushed ice to the chipotle-and-sugar-rimmed glass.

Pour the liquors over the ice.

Top with two thin slices of fresh lime and maybe a long thin straw (for getting a hit of that sugar on the bottom).

Let it chill, then drink. Carefully. Don’t plan to walk or drive if you have more than one.


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Along with all that food, of course they drink. If I’d thought of it, I’d have added this drink to the books and made it the official Coed Demon Sluts Beverage. I may go back and do that later. If your free copy of Coed Demon Sluts: Beth doesn’t contain that drink, then you have an early, classic edition, very collectible.

Jennifer Stevenson

Jennifer Stevenson's Trash Sex Magic was shortlisted for the Locus First Fantasy Novel Award and longlisted for the Nebula two years running. Try her fantasy series Hinky Chicago, which is up to five novels, her paranormal romances Slacker Demons, which are about retired deities who find work as incubi, or her women's fiction fantasy series Coed Demon Sluts, about women solving life's ordinary problems by becoming succubi. She has published more than 20 short stories.

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