Equal Exchange Chocolates’ Organic, Dark Chocolate, Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt, 55% Cacao

EEDarkCaramelChocolateBarThis bar is a mouthful to say, but happily it’s also a mouthful of deliciousness. Oh my God this is so good! Think of a browned butter brickle, paired with sea salt, then stirred into 55% cacao dark chocolate. Divine.

Adding goodness to the deliciousness, this bar is organic, kosher, fair trade, and from a worker-owned cooperative. So you can feel good about slamming down the whole bar in one go. 

The caramel crunch is evenly distributed throughout, lending a crunchyness to the bar not unlike Pop Rocks (but without the “bang” of that candy.) The chocolate has a nice snap when you break it or bite into it, but the smoothness of the chocolate hits after a few chews. There’s a good amount of cocoa butter here, lending a hint of teeth-squeaking firmness. This bar crumbles in your mouth, and then melts. As it’s got lots of caramel crunch, it’s a nice mouthfeel; a chocolate too smooth would have you getting bits of crunch on your tongue rather than blended into each bite. But the chocolate chewiness breaks things up nicely, so when everything is melty goodness on your tongue, it’s sweet, salty, and cocoa-y. Well done. 

As this dark chocolate is only 55% cacao, there is milk powder added in, making this bar vegetarian, not vegan. For folks who indulge in dairy though? Here you go, Pair it with Equal Exchanges organic French roast coffee (their recommendation), red wine, Earl Grey or other strong tea, or a cool glass of milk (preferably something of substance, like whole cow’s milk, or soy.)

Good chocolate, and a good company? Seek this one out. 


Denise Kitashima Dutton

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