Contadino Pinot Grigio Vivace

contadino vivaceChampagne wishes and  caviar dreams, isn’t that how it goes?  But what if your wallet is more soda and chips?Well, there’s always the wines under a ten-spot.  Or, with this Pino Grigio, a hair under five (I picked mine up for $4.99.)  Don’t turn your nose up.  This is perfect easy-drinking wine.

Think of me as the Goldilocks of sparkling wines; I don’t like syrupy Proseccos, and Brut champagne is much to dusty for my liking. But Vivace is in-between, which makes it lovely for sweet, savory, or solo.

Clean, with a hint of oak. Hint of bread in the nose. Clean, fresh. Green apple nose, with vanilla, peaches and pineapples on the taste.

Serve it well chilled, but extremely cold – you’ll want to savor this.  Yes, I just said you’ll want to savor a five dollar bottle of sparkling wine.  Just trust me.  Better still?  Chop up some of your favorite fruits and add them to your glass.  Well, except for banana.  That may not work well.  Though don’t let me stop you if that’s your pleasure.

Vivace is excellent with fatty foods like cheese, chocolate and summer sausages. I had my bottle with peanut butter cups and ice cream (as is just and right), and Vivace did a lovely job of tempering the heaviness of my dessert binge. This wine’s lightweight presence also makes it perfect for salads, fish, and pork.  I’d drink this with anything, but I’m betting that red meat may call for a red instead.

This is definitely a bottle that will end up in my constant wine rotation. Not too shabby for a fiver! Seek this out. But leave a bottle on the shelf for me, won’t you?

PS, there’s also a Contadino Pinot Grigio, but that doesn’t have the lovely fizz Vivace has.  So make sure you check the bottle and the name before putting it in your cart.

Denise Kitashima Dutton

Denise Kitashima Dutton has been a reviewer since 2003, and hopes to get the hang of things any moment now. She believes that bluegrass is *not* hell in music form, and that beer is better when it's a nitro pour. Besides GMR, you can find her at Atomic Fangirl,, or at that end seat at the bar, multi-tasking with her Kindle.

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