Chocolove’s Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate

2016 COFLeona Wisoker penned this review.

With a fifty five percent cocoa content, as well as bits of ground up coffee beans in the mix, and the wrapper is a basic brown with black text; the graphics are based around an international-traveler theme. Inside the wrapper is a love poem – and no, I won’t tell you who wrote it. You’ll have to go find out for yourself!

And this chocolate is worth tracking down–with a caveat: if you like chocolate-covered espresso beans, this is great. But if you don’t like really hard crunchy stuff (or, obviously, if you don’t like coffee), this isn’t the chocolate bar you’re looking for – move along. The coffee bean pieces lend a nice bitter snap to each bite, but can feel a bit gritty, like chewing a mouthful of coffee grounds (which is, after all, what you’re really doing). This is a chocolate bar you take one piece at a time, over several days; preferably at room temperature, as chilling the bar only increases the harsh crunch of the basic texture.

I enjoyed it, however, and found the slight sweetness of the dark chocolate matched wonderfully with the bitter coffee pieces. I don’t know that I’d shell out for another bar anytime soon – the taste does tend to stick with you for days afterwards – but I’d definitely give it as a gift to another coffee and dark chocolate fan.

The Chocolove website is here, and it’s quite informative. This site is well worth a visit, as it details a large, interesting, and varied selection of chocolate bars.

Love and chocolate? Now that’s a winning combination I can live with anytime.

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