Cadbury Screme Egg

5ED4347B-1012-4484-99E6-7B2E0E90688EHolidays with candy as a focus are fantastic. Even though I’m an adult (going by trips around the sun; mental maturity is a separate matter) I can gorge myself on all sorts of candy. Sure I regret it later (I REGRET NOTHING) but it’s worth it to sink into the simple joys of childhood. Namely, that sugar rush. I treat myself to a Cadbury Creme Egg every Spring, but now I can go full batty and get my Halloween on too. Because Cadbury has my back.

They’ve taken the Cadbury Egg and changed the “yolk” (aka fondant center) from eggy yellow to a neon green. It’s like Slimer y’all! The Egg I cracked open had a “yolk” that looked more like translucent slime than the opaque stuff in the pictures, but I don’t care. Actually, I prefer the protoplasm look of that gooey sugar goodness. I’ve always been a weird kid.

Apart from looks, the Egg tastes exactly the same as the Springtime versions. It’s got the same drippy filling that holds together just enough to not spill on yourself. Well, unless you’re really trying to, and hold it over yourself for a good thirty seconds or so. But I’m too busy prepping for the next bite. That thick delicious Cadbury milk chocolate is as rich and dense as ever. Good to see that there are companies that don’t skip on the good stuff. And yes, I just complimented a milk chocolate. Me, the dark chocolate queen. But this is Cadbury, it’s an exception to my rule.

After sucking down an entire Egg, I feel…completely sugared out. Ever have one of those dreams where you eat all sorts of sugary stuff, and then wake up with a mouth that feels like tacky sugar overload? Yeah, like that. (Just me? Okay. Then think of it this way; it’s a whole lot of sugar. A whopping 21 grams, which is five teaspoons of sugar. Oof.)

I recommend splitting an Egg with a friend, or saving a half for later. I’ve done the stomach work, so you don’t have to overindulge. Unless that’s your thing. Then? Happy Halloween!

Denise Kitashima Dutton

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