Bloomsberry & Company’s Peace On Earth Chocolate Bar

art for Peace on earth chocolateLeona Wisoker penned this review.

Bloomsberry & Company’s The Peace On Earth box is white with a big blue peace sign splashed off-center on the front; beneath, it says “May this chocolate bring you peace (and quiet) these Holidays, if only for a moment.” Beneath that is a note that this “premium milk chocolate” bar contains 34% Cocoa.

The inside wrapper is more interesting: it seems to be a montage of wrappers created by Bloomsberry, some of which are really cute (“Hanukkah Nosh”, “girthControl Chocolate”, “Mother’s Little Helper”, for example).

The chocolate inside, unfortunately, isn’t as amusing. It’s basic milk chocolate, the type of thing you’d expect to see in Easter Bunnies and chocolate coins and, well, funny-wrapper milk chocolate bars. It’s smooth, and sweet, and milky; not real heavy on chocolate flavor, but really high in sugary taste. It’s a chocolate bar that you could eat up completely before you knew what you were doing, and not even remember it the next day, except that you’ll feel just a little ill for some reason.

Final verdict: Buy it for the wrapper, not the taste.

As a side note, the main web site is one of the most annoying I’ve seen in a while. Lots of little cutesy animations and giggly sound effects to suffer through before finally getting through to a few promotion-heavy-information-light pages, and no mention of the “Peace On Earth” chocolate bar at all. Please don’t go visit the site. Really. (And if you do it anyway, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.)  However–interestingly–there is a USA version of the site which does mention the “Peace on Earth” bar. I found the USA site far less annoying and far more informative; go figure. I guess target marketing actually works sometimes. . . .

Still. Peace on Earth? Meh. Pass me the dark chocolate instead, thanks.

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