Ellen Datlow on Spring

She has a detailed answer  in Sleeping Hedgehog why Spring is worth celebrating:

I love spring in New York–even if it only lasts a few short weeks. I celebrate spring by trying to view the very few magnolia trees in bloom around my neighborhood (they’re in full bloom for only a few days so it’s quite easy to miss them completely).

There are pear trees blossoming throughout the west village (NYC) where I live and I can go around the corner and look at a whole line of them. Other types of trees start budding. Gingko trees on my block– I love to see them as they begin from tiny, perfectly-shaped leaves until they’re mature by summertime.

Birds start congregating on my fire escape in order to tease my cats, who eagerly watch them through the living room window. My younger cat jumped at the window last week because she saw a sparrow. This is her first spring as an adult and I’m looking forward to her antics when the birds are more plentiful out there.

I move clothes between my two closets–my bedroom and my back room and sometimes even dispose of a few items I never wear.

And then it’s summer. Hot, muggy, smelly and everyone in bad temper. Ugh.

You can visit her website here.

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