Christopher Kovacs with Donald S.Grubbs, Christopher Kovacs and Ann Crimmins (editors): The Ides of Octember : A Pictorial Biblography of Roger Zelazny

This bibliography was prepared as part of The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny, a six volume undertaking, of which you’ll find the first volume, Threshold which is reviewed here.

Zelazny, despite dying of cancer at fifty-eight years of age, was an amazingly prolific writer with some thirty novels and enough short stories that this bibliography is indeed something that was needed, as previous Zelazny bibliographies, such as Donald Levack’s Amber Dreams: A Roger Zelazny Bibliography, though a good work in its own right cannot be considered exhaustive in the way that this work is. The same can be said of the bibliographies which are at the end of the biographies of him by Jane Lindskold and Theodore Krulik.

Just under four hundred pages in length, this bibliography covers not only the novels and short fiction of Zelazny but his non-fiction, essays, poetry, chapbooks, fanzines edited by Zelazny, graphic novels, audio performances of his works (of which I only knew of a scant few), interviews, and even song lyrics. Needless to say it includes all pseudonyms that he has been known to use.

And it has, as near as anyone can tell, a reasonably complete set of covers for his published works. The Kinrowan Estate has a large collection of his works, as he’s very popular here, but even we are holders of just a very small fraction of what was published down the years.

Another nice feature is that it notes when a work went unfinished, as was the case of what was supposed to a Donnerjack trilogy instead of the single novel that Jane Lindskold finished off.

To a certain extent, you really only need this bibliography if you’ve purchased an entire set of The Ides of Octember, as this also serves as a master index to that set. We do fortunately have a full set of them, so I’m very happy that we have this bibliography.

(New England Science Fiction Association, 2010)

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