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About Cat Eldridge

I'm the publisher of Green Man Review. I do the Birthdays and Media Anniversary write-ups for Mike Glyer’s, the foremost SFF fandom site. My current audiobooks are Simon R. Green’s Jekyll & Hyde Inc., Robert J. Sawyer’s Red Planet Blues and Fritz Leiber’s The Big Time. I just read Kathryn Kristine Rusch’s Ten Little Fen which was most superb. My music listening as always leans heavily towards trad Celtic and Nordic music. I’m watching my way though all twenty one seasons of the British forensic series Silent Witness. Yes, twenty one seasons. And I keep adding plants to my flat here, up to nearly thirty now including a miniature banana tree which is growing nice and my first pineapple bromeliad.

Welcome to Green Man

Everything that interests us as a diverse group of individuals will get attention here, be it Rock and Roll, Irish music, Nordic live music, a  jazz or classical recording, tarot decks,  Folkmanis puppets, manor house mysteries and science fiction novels, action figures such as that of Spider-Man, the new Doctor Who … Continue reading

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